Careers & Creators

We are dedicated to creating what Bhutan, as a whole, will need in the future over and above what we, as individuals, need now.

Together in our unyielding pursuit of positive impact, we believe that a successful organization works hard, attracts great people, focuses on signal over noise, and never follows trends at the expense of our values. We recognize the value of promoting an entrepreneurial, independent, and innovative culture. We support the interests of our greatest asset – our team – by creating a platform that encourages members to reach beyond their role to pursue their passions. Our continuous devotion to support personal and collaborative growth makes our company an extraordinary place to work.

Proudly creating new and innovative ways to support Bhutan, we are doing nothing less than changing the future.

MyBhutan also invites Creators (photographers, videographers, influencers, writers, etc.) to tell their story in Bhutan. Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about the MyBhutan Creators program.

“Every one of my teammates is a leader. Together, we unite in our relentless pursuit to continually discover, contribute to, and help grow Bhutan.” Matthew DeSantisFounder