Business Partnerships

For International Tour Agencies

MyBhutan has worked closely with the Royal Government of Bhutan to introduce a revolutionary system that facilitates administrative processes for both local and international tourism agencies in business in Bhutan. Our management system improves communication amongst partnering services and expedites visa processing, airline ticketing, and payment processes in-country.

MyBhutan is not a tour operator; instead, we are a bridge between players in the Bhutanese travel industry. Our deep integration with the local system and our technological forwardness -- coupled with our customer support teams stationed in both Bhutan and the USA and our extensive relationships in Bhutan -- establishes MyBhutan as the most practical solution for handling administrative services, securing the lowest pricing, and building relationships for affiliated businesses.

Not least, our extensive connections with local service providers and cross-industry experts mean that you can become better connected with Bhutan than ever before.

Send us a note at [email protected] to learn more about how we can help. We look forward to being in touch with you.

For Local Service Providers

Are you a tour agency, tour guide, hotel, home stay, or other service provider (ex. white water rafting, horseback riding, motorcycling, etc) stationed in Bhutan?

Contact us at [email protected] to learn more about how to become featured on our platform.

For International Businesses

As the government heavily screens and limits the number of foreign parties allowed to operate or invest in Bhutan, MyBhutan also serves as the umbrella to enable this opportunity. We welcome parties to email us at [email protected] with any project proposals or investment considerations.