4x4 Off Road

Driving on the rough and rugged farm roads en route to one’s village for the annual puja or simply for vacations has always been a tiring experience for the common Bhutanese citizen. But, 4x4 modified off road vehicles make the journey far more exciting and allows for you to easily travel through the most inaccessible roads. It’s not just the destination that matters, but the complete journey.

In addition to the rich natural beauty in landscapes, the abundance of feeder and farm roads in Bhutan offers unique 4X4 off road trails that leads to remote, secluded locations. As the gateway to the rich traditional culture of Bhutan, 4x4’s provide an exciting a once in a lifetime experience that can hardly be realized in any other way.

So, gather all your sense of adventure, hop on a 4X4 off road vehicle, buckle up and enjoy the raw and rugged terrain of Bhutan’s uniquely remote and otherwise inaccessible areas, a truly unforgettable and unique experience.