Homemade Bangchang Alcohol

Bangchang is a traditional undistilled alcoholic beverage brewed from wheat or maize corn, fermented with homemade yeast and mixed with hot water. It is stored and served in a woven bamboo container. Because of its low alcoholic content and sweetened sour fragrance, it is drank more often than the usual alcohol.

Its popularity against the variety of factory produced alcoholic beverages is noteworthy and can be attributed both to sentimental and traditional factors and for its unique taste. While the people in the western part of the country drink bed tea in the morning, the people in the central and eastern Bhutan generally drink bangchang. Zhemgang or Kheng, in the south-central part of the country, is known for bangchang and they don't let guests leave without offering to taste their famed bangchang.

In the cities, Bangchang is sought after for the nostalgic attachment to ones village roots. The villagers drink it as an analgesic for their aching bones after a hard day’s work in the fields. Bangchang is deep rooted in the religious history of Bhutan, popularly served during important traditional ceremonies and often offered at alters of monasteries.

Bangchang is believed to be safer than other alcoholic beverages due to its natural brewing process. It is produced year round.