Lechuna Heritage Lodge

Located in Lechu village 7km from Haa town, 3-story Lechuna Heritage Lodge once was a working farmhouse, with the family living on the top floor above a storeroom and cows on the ground floor. Entirely renovated after a quake in 2011 caused severe damage, it re-opened as a lodge in late 2012 as part of the Everest Summit Lodges chain and now offers rustic luxury accommodation on a small scale.

The main house is built of rammed earth with timber frames in traditional Bhutanese style. A yak skull with horns marks the lobby entrance, doors and floors are fashioned from heavy wood planks, the walled courtyard half-ringed by a small garden offers views of tattered prayer flags catching the breeze and mountains rising above its clay walls.

The lodge can arrange hikes led by a guide born and raised in the village. Using the lodge as a base camp, these day hikes featuring little-trodden paths and interaction with locals are guests favorites. Afterward, staff can arrange hot stone baths (a 10-minute drive away) for those with weary bones. Other available activities include archery and horseback riding.

Lechuna offers single, double, and triple accommodations (with king sized beds available in some). Each room has comfortable beds and a closet, and several rooms overlook the courtyard. There are two clean bathrooms with European-style flush toilets on both floors, just outside the rooms, and on the third floor are three separate shower stalls with modern fixtures and wash areas. Rooms have heating and free wifi.

Their dining room across the courtyard accommodates up to 14 people at a long communal dining table, and the courtyard serves as a common outdoor dining area when it's warm enough (and as a site for bonfires at night). There's Bhutanese fare (ema datsi, tsampa soup, red rice), other Himalayan fare (a Tibetan hot pot special, Hunan chicken, manchow soup, Nepali Thali), and more. Many of the ingredients — seasonal vegetables, milk, cheese, butter, wheat flour and meat — come from the village and surrounding communities, and the hosts are happy to make Western-style breakfasts for guests. Food service to the rooms is possible, and guests can specify when they would like to eat their meals. The cozy low-lit lounge serves local and foreign drinks, a good gathering place after a day spent exploring.