Amidst fields of Millet and various farm activities, Tharpala Farmstay stands out like a white fortress from afar. The loving couple doubles up as concerned parents to the weary guests who put up in their well cared for house. Even with the language barriers, they will somehow manage to share a lot of their stories with you, including the history of the place.

Undisturbed by the winds of modernity that has already blown into other parts of the country, Tharpala Farmstay still very proudly thrives on what nature provides and holds on to their age old traditions and customs, something they always seem ready to share with the guests.

The rooms are clean with scrolls of religious paintings hanging everywhere that exudes a sense of mental wellbeing and the organic food served preps you up for the adventures ahead. The farmstay also provides participation in their daily farming practices and hot stone bath upon request.