Bumthang Cultural Trek

This straightforward trek loops over the mountains between Bumthang's Chamkhar and Tang Valleys, winding past the hillside lhakhangs and bucolic villages for which Bumthang is known. Rough roads have now been extended into the upper reaches of both valleys, allowing the time-pressed trekker to complete the bulk of the trek in a single day by starting from Ngang Lhakhang in Chamkhar and hiking to Ogyen Choling Palace in Tang. Accommodations are available at both locations.

The full two-day trek starts from Toktu Zampa on the Chamkhar Chhu's true left bank. It stops at Thangbi Lhakhang before crossing the river and leading through an area known as Ngang Yul — “Land of the Swans” — to Ngang Lhakhang. Explorers can detour to the ruined Draphe Dzong before tackling the steep climb through moss-draped forest to the hike's only pass, Phephe La (3,360m or 11,023ft). The descent from Phephe La drops into the Tang Valley through flower-filled meadows to Gamling, a village known for its yathra weaving. From Gamling, it is worth making the side trip to Ogyen Choling Palace, a private museum and guesthouse, before continuing on down the beautiful Tang Valley.

Duration: 2-3 Days
Maximum altitude: 3,360m (11,023ft)
Includes: Guide, meals, camping equipment and horses/mules