Trashigang Goemba

The 12th Je Khenpo (Chief Abbot), Lam Kunga Jamtsho, is credited with the birth of one of the most holy and solicited meditation centres in Bhutan, Trashigang Goemba. Trashigang Goemba is a perfect tourist destination not only for the spiritual richness this place exudes but also for the amazing flora and fauna. It can also be the perfect ending to a day hike from Thimphu.

Built around 1782, the goemba possesses some very sacred artifacts including a statue made out of the 22nd Je Khenpo’s tooth, the preserved flesh of Palden Lhamo, the chief protective deity of Bhutan that is believed to be concealed in the goenkhang (inner sanctum). One can also view 300 years plus canvas paintings along with the statues of the Chief Abbots' of Bhutan who were said to have meditated here.

Trashigang Goemba is perched on a richly forested hill opposite the Hongtsho valley on the Thimphu-Punakha highway on an altitude of 3200m. It is home to monks and nuns seeking a higher state of understanding through meditation and some elderly citizens who have chosen to spend their final years in this heavenly atmosphere. Here one can witness how some people have found a way to achieve ultimate happiness through the simplest things in life.