Chhimi Lham

Chhimi Lham Farmhouse, owned by a local woman of the same name, provides a safe and cozy haven for travelers seeking an authentic Bhutanese family experience.

Chhimi Lham, who inherited the home from her family, shares it with her husband Kinzang Tharchen and a cat named Tazee (Tiger). Their son, 19, studies environmental science and English in Thimphu; their daughter, 21, studies in a college for engineering.

Four horses enjoy the spacious property outside, where the family grows potatoes, beans, spinach and chillies. In addition to these organic food sources, orchards of apple and peach trees produce tasty cash crops.

Between the farmhouse’s three available guest rooms, up to ten visitors can be accommodated. The rooms offer warm respite from the elements with electric space heaters and large, soft beds with comfortable blankets. Water runs continuously, and can be heated on the stove for hot showers.

Chimmi Lham loves hosting visitors for the exchange of culture, knowledge, and kindness that invariably takes place. “I would like to welcome all future guests,” she says happily, “And make them feel at home with the greatest hospitality.”

Her compassion and welcome are immediately palpable upon entering this wonderful home, and create the conditions for a joyful and heart-opening stay at Chimmi Lham Farmhouse.