Sacred Oak & The Upper House

Built in the 7th Century AD, the Black Temple and the White Temple, two very important temples in Haa District, are located near each other on the sacred Meri Puensum Hills or the ‘Three Brother Hills’ that Haa is best known for.

In the vicinity of the Black Temple stands two houses near a sacred oak tree where a popular folklore in the region has it, a fierce local deity in the form of a winged creature started terrorizing the local residents. Thus, the occupants of the two houses made offerings to appease the deity.

Having been appeased with the offerings, it is believed that the deity’s visit to the Upper House and neglect of the Lower sparked an inter-house feud that ended in the death of a man from the upper house.

On the 11th Lunar month of every year, a series of mystical practices are still performed in the upper house that goes on for a week.