Guests staying with Ap Yangka are sure to be chatted up and entertained. The 59 year old farmer has four adult children and lives mostly alone in his Gangtey farmhouse, as his wife spends the majority of her time in Thimphu helping their daughter with her little children.

Their farmhouse is a traditional two-story structure just a 5-minute walk from the Black-Necked Crane Information Centre. Ap Yangka has two rooms that can accommodate 4 guests, and two toilets: one Western-style and one Indian flush. He has been in this business for a while so he is very comfortable hosting guests. When he is not entertaining them, he stays busy with farm work and carpentry.

Two of the couple's other children also live in the capital city, but their son Gyeltshen stayed local and is a farmer as well. He moved out of the farmhouse after marriage — following the Bhutanese custom of moving in with the wife's family — but he drops by several times a week to eat his father's delicious cooking. Ap Yangka is naturally quite happy to cook for his guests as well.