Gasa Tsachu

Many of Bhutan’s inhabitants enjoy the blissful waters of natural hot springs for healing and relaxation.

One such spring, Gasa Tsachu, stands out for its extraordinary beauty and prime location. Nestled in the foothills of a majestic Himalayan peak, Gasa Tsachu offers naturally warm, wonderfully mineral-rich bathing to soothe one’s body and soul.

Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel bathed here on the way from Tibet to Bhutan, supposedly adding extra blessings to the spring water. Pilgrims to the site camp in tents or stay in the guesthouses above the hot springs.

From early morning to late in the evening here, old ladies sit and chat, monks chant and children play happily. Several times a day they soak in the hot water to heal their ailments. A hot soak at Gasa Tsachu provides relief for a variety of health conditions, and promises contented hearts and tranquil minds to those who seek its nourishing waters.