Hotel Kuku

Located right in the middle of Gelephu town, Hotel Kuku is a two-star hotel that caters mostly to regional tourists and the occasional westerner guest. A well maintained hotel with a very attentive group of caregivers that forms the staff.

Hotel Kuku, with its central location, is the perfect place to put up while in Gelephu, savor the amazing array of Indian dishes on offer and be in close proximity to some of the important tourist attractions the town has to offer. If time permits, do not miss out the weekend market and the Nyimalung Dratshang which is the winter residence for the monks of the Chummy valley in Bumthang.

Gelephu town lies in the southern foothills of Bhutan, one of the gateways to Bhutan from India and is located close to the Indian border. It is the only place in Bhutan where one would not see much slopes but only extensive plains.

With a very homely atmosphere and only fifteen rooms, the cleanliness and the prompt service makes it one of the finest places to stay in Gelephu.