Kharga Bdr Pradhan

What are your specializations?
Birding, Flora, Fauna, Bicycling, and River Rafting.

What are your strenghts?
I am a real ambassador of Bhutan and I feel very privileged to share the history and culture of our country.

What makes you a unique guide?
My profession is different from others, and the services rendered in tourism are better than others. People respect us more because tourism is the second largest revenue generator in our country.

Why should travelers have you as their guide?
Because I am trustworthy. I make the itineraries flexible because the tourists come here to relax. I always discuss the itinerary with them.

What is your favorite thing about Bhutan?
The philosophy of Gross National Happiness. I am proud to be a citizen here. All credit goes to our Kings.

What are your favorite sites in Bhutan?
Tiger's Nest (Paro), Bumthang, and Punakha.