Soednam Zingkha Heritage Lodge

The idyllic, peaceful setting of Soednam Zingkha in upper Haa Valley — beyond which is the impassable over-mountain route to Tibet — offers guests a clear sense of having gotten away from it all. Hatey, the surrounding village, has just 60 or so households living on small family farms.

Soednam Zingkha is a simple family-owned working farmhouse that showcases Bhutanese heritage and rural lifestyle as it has been lived for centuries. Fully restored and opened to tourists in 2013, it combines comforts like good bedding and modern bathrooms with earthen walls, ancient woods, and hand-painted Bhutanese murals. The staff is genuinely friendly and accommodating, and they will be happy to show you the lodge's lovely shrine room.

The staff can arrange horse rides, trips to monasteries, and treks into the mountains and the many alpine lakes in the area. At the end of the day, guests can sample local ara, soak in a hot stone bath, and relax around an outdoor bonfire or the traditional fireplace (bhukari) in the lobby. The relaxed pace of it all is entrancing, and some guests report that their stay at Soednam Zingkha was the highlight of their trip to Bhutan.

The ten guest rooms are surrounded by two acres of the lodge's property and much open land beyond. Two rooms have single beds, two have king size beds, and six have twin beds. The rooms do not have a bathtub or separate shower stall, in keeping with traditional farmhouse style, but there is hot water, heating, and free wifi for guests, as well as room service, laundry service, and complimentary coffee and tea.

Soednam Zingkha's dining hall serves many different types of Bhutanese foods and some Continental options, and their bar is close by.