Thinley Dorji Restaurant and Bar

The district of Haa hasn’t really woken up to the speed of development the rest of Bhutan has been affected with and the town of Haa is still a sleepy little town, with
very limited modern touches and a whole lot of traditional clinging. Thinley Dorji Restaurant and Bar lives up to this ambience, a nostalgic little restaurant that seems
to exude an air of tranquility, at any given hour of any day.

The restaurant, with its simple settings and the charming, all-in-the-family operations crew, embraces you right into its warmth the moment you walk through the traditional
painting-like entrance. Inside, the usual local customers of all ages and backgrounds make up a compact tiny Bhutan, smiling and chattering away while they wait to be served.

Thinley Dorji Restaurant and Bar is a perfect stopover for lunch when you are visiting the amazing district of Haa, for a treat of local delicacies as well as a variety of popular fast food items.