Padseling Kuchoed

Padseling Kuchoed is an annual event held in Padseling Goenpa in Bumthang; a district many consider to be the most blessed and the heartland of Bhutanese culture and tradition. Locals always attend this event for its sanctity and the opportunity to get purified.

The Padseling Goenpa, built in 1769 AD, is surrounded by significant holy sites (impressions of a white snake and a conch on the rocks to the east, a holy waterhole to the south and stacks of rock resembling holy scriptures to the north) making it a very special pilgrimage site that adds more spiritual significance to this spectacular festival.

Padseling Kuchoed is held on the 20th and the 21st day of the fourth month of the lunar calendar. Several sacred mask dances are performed during the festival, including the Pachaam, Ging Chaam, Drametse Nga Chaam and Zhachaam. On the first day, large thangkas (tapestries) of Buddha Sakyamuni, Avaloketeshvara and Guru Padmasambhava are unfurled for display. On the second day, a very special blessing of the Phurba (spiritual thunderbolt dagger) is the highlight of the festival.

Witness the display of devotion as people line up to receive blessings from the thunderbolt dagger from the present Padtsling Tulku (incarnation), His Eminence Pema Kunzang Tenzin Gyamtsho. His Eminence is a very humorous and lively Lama with a personality as colorful and vibrant as the festival itself.