Yu-Gharling Resort & Spa

The Yu-Gharling Resort and Spa, set in the Bumthang district, offers a true luxury hotel experience in the heart of the Himalayas. Excellently trained, hospitable staff, opulent decor throughout, and an unbeatable view make this hotel a wonderful experience. Yu-Gharling features myriad amenities: spa (with sauna, jacuzzi, and massage), business center, speedy WiFi, hot water, laundry service, bar and cafe. The food selection includes typical items from Bhutanese, Chinese, and Indian cuisine. The 44 rooms and various common areas showcase rich, dark woods and vibrant red hues, adorned with regal works of art and brass accents. As for its exterior, Yu-Gharling stands solidly overlooking the beautiful Chokhor valley, fluttering prayer flags trailing away from the building in all directions. Certainly, this upscale hotel will guarantee guests a peaceful and luxurious stay.