Kesang Dawa

Kesang Dawa Farmhouse in Haa gets its name from the owner, a strong yet kind, stoic yet warm Bhutanese farming man. He holds the property with an attentive and caring presence.

Kesang's father built the house roughly fifty years back and handed it down; now, Kesang shares it with his wife Tshering Pem. They have three fine sons: one studying journalism in India, one just starting college, and one working in business in the capital city, Thimphu.

Currently, the family offers six rooms for visitors, each sleeping two guests comfortably. Electric heaters keep the rooms cozy, and hot running water is available. Guests will share meals with the family, eating deliciously hearty fare and enjoying the warmth of good company.

Additionally, Kesang and Tshering can provide hot stone baths, a traditional Bhutanese luxury. For this, they heat mineral rich stones in a fire and add them to a wooden bathtub, warming the water and saturating it with healing properties.

Kesang farms the land, growing turnips, potatoes, apples, spinach, chillies, radishes and wheat. He raises cows and horses together with his wife, and owns forty yaks under the care of a yak herder to the north. If interested, guests can experience a taste of life on the farm: milking cows, feeding the animals, and helping with the vegetables.

Sonam, the middle son, expresses typical Bhutanese hospitality: “It is one of the nicest things to share our culture and hearts for a few nights. When our guests leave happy and satisfied, we feel thankful for giving them a nice time. Tourists sometimes fear that Haa is too remote, but I want to tell them not to worry because we will make them feel at home.”