Dechenphu Lhakhang

One of Thimphu’s most sacred and commonly visited place is Dechenphu Lhakhang.

Fondly referred to by locals as “The House of Final Decisions”, this quiet hillside monastery welcomes hundreds of prayers, permission and refuge seekers, promise makers and repenters that pass through its highly decorated alter every day.

The narrow road winding through a beautiful blue pine forest sheds the first realization of this blessed location. The monastery’s ancient architecture is well maintained and is surrounded by a beautiful nature park. One has to walk up a stone path to 8725 feet in order to reach the tall towering red Goenkhang. From here, the monastery stands majestically at the base of a mountain like a recently completed painting.

Dechenphu Lhakhang is the residing place of the valley’s guardian deity, Gyenyen Jagpa Milen, who is believed to have dissolved or disappeared into a rock just outside the lhakhang. It is believed that Ap Gyenyen holds a special spiritual authority on the souls of Thimphupas who believes every single request by prayer is taken into his consideration.

The lhakhang is most popular on auspicious days. The annual Dechenphu Tsechu is also held at the same place and is one of the valley’s most important annual events.

Situated 30 minutes drive away from Thimphu, tourists are barred from entrance to the main shrine, but they can convey their wishes through their respective guides.