Pema Lhaden Farm House

A beautifully painted farmhouse stands out from the clustered community of Laya as it sits on a slightly elevated area, appearing to lean back on the majestic snowcapped mountains. This is the Pema Lhaden Farmhouse, situated in the picturesque hidden land of Laya, one of the top ten highest settlements on the planet.

The charming family who runs this farmhouse makes sure everything is taken care of to provide the most comfortable accommodation in a place thats considered one of the most remote places on earth, smiling all the while. This cozy farmhouse is kept warm throughout the day with a wood fed stove and insulated by stacks of local yak wool blankets and Chinese made quilts.

A perfect place to retire after an arduous hike from Gasa and to walk out of as one starts the walk back, a place that will welcome you like a family and bid you farewell in the same manner.