Dungkar Nakstang

A visit to Dungkar Naktsang, 40 kms from Lhuentse, is a visit that will connect you momentarily to the magically exciting and vibrant past of Bhutan.

The most isolated district in Bhutan, Lhuentse, is credited with the birth of two of the most significant components of the Bhutanese history: the beautiful Kishuthara textile and the Wangchuck Dynasty.

Dungkar Naktsang (The House of Dungkar) is the ancestral home of Trongsa Penlop Jigme Namgyal, the father of the Wangchuck Dynasty. This majestic house stands in front of spectacularly towering mountains overlooking the quaint Dungkar village.

Founded by the two grandsons of the great treasure revealer, Pema Lingpa, the Dungkar Naktsang was established as a center for the Peling tradition of Tibetan Buddhism in the 16th Century.