Guru Rinpoche Statue

Towards the end of the remote Kuri Chhu Valley in Lhuentse, a giant statue of Guru Rinpoche gazes fiercely from a red-and-gold lotus seat stacked on top of a lion throne. It is said that he gazes directly across the mountains to the far-off statue of Buddha Dordenma in Thimphu. Depicting Guru Nangsey Zilnon, one of the Guru's eight manifestations, the statue stands 45 metres (148 feet) tall, just outside the village of Tangmachu.

Its construction was motivated by a prophesy made by two Buddhist masters who foretold that the area would sink into conflict unless a statue of Guru Rinpoche at least five stories high was built in Bumthang or Lhuentse.

With the finishing touches are still being added to the statue and surrounding complex, its creators hope that it will bring peace and prosperity to this isolated corner of Bhutan, as well as the wider world beyond.