Lhuentse Festival

Almost every village in Lhuentse hosts festivals that are unique and distinct from those in other communities in Bhutan. This can be attributed to the authenticity that remains preserved due to its remoteness. Visited by very few tourists, if any at all, these festivals in the land of the ancestral home of our Kings attract large number of locals from near and far.

This small village tsechu is celebrated to honor local deities and clear obstacles along with the belief, that just by witnessing the sacred mask dances, one can be cleansed of all sins. Blessings can also be received from the sacred relics of the Dzong; which are displayed for the public during the tsechu.

Centuries old mask dances against the backdrop of raw natural treasures that are observed by natural beauties flaunting their Kishutharas (Bhutans prized textile which is rooted from Lhuentse) is what makes the this Lhuentse festival so unique.