Chuuzom, literally meaning “where the rivers meet”, is an important junction in western Bhutan as it connects to all the western districts by road. The Pachhu (river of Paro) and the Thimchhu (river of Thimphu) meets at the chuuzom and becomes Wangchhu which runs Bhutan’s first hydropower station downstreams. It considered the union of a father and a mother river, with the Pachhu being the father and the Wangchhu the mother.

The bridge over the confluence, built in the 1960’s, connects the capital city of Bhutan with Paro, Haa and Chukha and is situated 30 kilometers away from Thimphu.

In view of a confluence being inauspicious in the local belief, three beautiful chortens (stupas) are built at the confluence to ward of evil spells. These three stupas’ architecture represents the Bhutanese, Tibetan and Nepalese respectively. Sandwiched between beautifully landscaped mountains and highlighted by the colorful prayer flags lining the bridge by the check point gate, driving through this landmark is an auspicious sight to behold and an experience of a lifetime.

The Chuzom is of great significance as this has been a location of meeting and departing for many over the years. At the confluence, one can see the locals selling food and snacks for the bypassers. It is a great place to stop during your journey for a hot bowl of soup served in the makeshift shops on the side of the bridge.