Mount Everest

Flying into Bhutan on a clear day is a gift only a few lucky travelers have received and experienced till date and many, simply dream about it. The Himalayan mountains, diligently lined up in all their grandeur, welcomes you to the exotic country of happiness.

The snowcapped mountain peaks appear one after another, probably the perfect vista of some of the highest mountains in the world, like the spines on a sleeping giant. Midway through the flight, you will be snapped out of your trance like state by the captain’s voice and the flutter of activity around you, as the world’s most elusive and the highest peak (8848m above sea level) slowly reveals itself for your viewing pleasure.

The view of the Himalayas is an added bonus to the excitement of your approaching destination, the last Shangri-La. The sectors between Kathmandu, Nepal and Paro, Bhutan offers the best Himalayan vistas given the weather is favorable.