Paro Penlop Heritage Farmhouse

Paro Penlop Heritage Farmhouse’s unusual size, high standard of accommodation and generous offering of amenities set it apart from the average farmhouse. It manages to retain the feeling of a traditional farmhouse while providing many of the comforts of a modern hotel.

Upon arrival, guests receive a warm Bhutanese welcome in one of two communal dining areas, with homemade ara and milk tea. They can also choose from a selection of scrumptious dishes to replenish their energy after a long journey.

Originally built by the 23rd governor of Paro in the 1840’s, the property consists of two buildings which were constructed for the governor’s two wives. The current owners, Chenga Tshering and his wife Choney Wangmo, rescued this historic landmark from being turned into a concrete office building. Now, the operation is entirely staffed by family members.

There are five rooms for guests; most have private bathrooms with heated water, while the remaining rooms simply require a short walk to the bathroom. Each room contains cozy, western-style beds with thick blankets, a space heater, and friendly decor.

The farmhouse accommodates a total of eight to ten guests. An altar room and prayer area can be used to hold marriage ceremonies or group meditation.

A separate building houses several traditional hot stone baths, along with showers and changing rooms. Visitors can soak in the warm, healing mineral water, breathe in the swirling vapors, and receive relief from a variety of ailments.

Nearby, the family owns three acres where they farm organic fruits and vegetables to feed guests. A flock of chickens provides fresh eggs. Additionally, the owners run a 14-room hotel nearby with a more modern, western feel.

The Paro Penlop Heritage Farmhouse offers a delightfully luxurious mixture of tradition and modern comfort, sure to please any visitor lucky enough to enter its doors.