Phoenix Coffee and Restaurant

Phoenix Coffee and Restaurant is a bright, clean place with potted green plants and just a few tables, located in the part of downtown closest to the ancient Rinpung Dzong that looms over Paro. Head here for pizza, burgers, and coffee — they nail their specialties quite well. The round pizza pies burst with fresh ingredients and juicy chunks of tomato. Bhutanese dishes are also available, mostly served buffet-style for lunch: momos (dumplings), mixed vegetables, fried rice with vegetables, among other traditional fare. Phoenix also serves Indian food, just not the sort that prompts raves to friends in Delhi about a new find; the aloo paratha and malai kofta are satisfying enough if your expectations are in check, though.

A corner space has leather couches for lounging next to a wraparound wooden bar with modern stools, the wall behind the couches displaying a painting of the restaurant namesake and photographs of a few late greats: Bob Marley, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Kerouac, Audrey Hepburn. A guitar in the corner stands ready for spontaneous music-making. It's a good place to hang out in town. Service is acceptable, but you may want to have a little time on your hands when ordering meals. Open until 10 pm.