Rishi Farm & Homestay

Driving alongside the Pachhu river and through the beautiful Tsendona village, is in itself a mesmerizing trip, a trip that takes you away from the crowded Paro town and into the wooded rural settlements. Dr. Karma’s Ancestral Homestay appears, partially hidden by a massive apricot and some walnut trees, just a few meters away from the road that leads to Sangchoekhor Monastery.

Rizhing (hill terraces) as the place is called, is set amidst paddy fields and fruit trees. The ancestral homestay of six brothers is a perfect example of modern amenities supplementing traditional ways. It was built on a rejected bushland in the early seventies and turned it into an amazing rural home, a home with a lot of insights into rural Bhutan and the life led by Bhutanese farming families.

The homestay provides a two twin bedded rooms and other provisions including a hot stone bath, participation in farming practices with the family members and cooking lessons in the family kitchen.