Taktsang Cafeteria

Any hike up to the iconic Tiger’s Nest in Paro is considered incomplete by many without a preview of the grand cliff clinging monastery while holding a cup of hot tea or coffee at the Taktsang Cafeteria. Situated at the midway point to the Tiger’s Nest, the cafeteria offers hikers a refueling station and delights the guests with simple yet tasty multi-cuisine dishes complimented by one of the best views of the awe inspiring nest of the Tiger.

A traditionally maintained outlook with modern interiors, the cafeteria is heated by a wood fed stove that allows for warm, comfortable seating while you enjoy your lunch. Wooden bench seating is also provided outside to present a vantage point for the view right across the ravine. It is an amazing angle for a great photo opportunity. A small gift shop situated next to the cafeteria sells handicraft souvenirs Here, you can also purchase a certificate to remember your success of conquering the Tiger’s Nest.

The cafeteria marks the point where the mules go back return to the mountain's base. From here, you may only tackle the rest of the trail on foot to reach the point where Guru Rinpoche flew in on a Tiger. But not to worry, the spectacular destination should erase every bit of tiredness from your body. A quick stop at Tasktsang Cafeteria will refresh you for the second leg of this journey.