Zangdopelhri Lhakhang

The auspicious Zandopelri Temple in all its mystic glory is situated just above the Machiphug Lhakhang, on top of a copper colored mountain shaped cliff at Paro Taktsang. The Lhakhang, also known as Tashi Tsemo, was built by Agay Haap, the illustrious Paro Penlop.

One can find the sacred footprint of Phadampa Sangye on the side of a cliff above the temple which is also the source of a blessed water alongside the mark of a treasure discovered by Kuzho Tshering Penjor. Some of the holy sites around the temple include the hand-print of Phadampa Sangye and the treasure seals of Guru Rinpoche.

A little further up from the Zangtopelri temple lies the Lhendrup Choling Guru Temple which served as a residence for the Paro Penlop Tagzig Drolma.