Tshewang Lham

Tshewang Lham farmstay in tiny Tangchey village is in the upper eastern part of Phobjikha valley, about a half-hour drive from the Black-Necked Crane Information Center. They are a family of five: Tshewang and her husband Tshering Dorji, their daughter, son-in-law, and one-year-old grandchild.
The farmhouse can accommodate 4 visitors in two rooms, and there is a western toilet for guests. The family keeps 8 cows, and every morning and evening they brew up the hot butter tea known as suja. Grandmother Chado knew the ancient craft of traditional weaving, and if you ask they will show the pieces she created on the family's big loom. Tshewang is also happy to prepare the hot stone bath — a great way to relax after a day spent exploring the gorgeous valley.