Yangka Dem

Yangkha Dem's family has eleven members, though they are rarely all seen together in the house at once. Some of the children study far away, and one of Yangkha's daughters, Karma Wangmo, pursues a nun's life in Thimphu. When the potato harvest rolls around in August and September, many family members and villagers come to help. When the work concludes at Yangkha Dem's farmhouse, her family will then go help with the neighbors' harvests. In Phobjikha everybody helps one another, because as they say, "With help the work goes faster and it's more fun."

Sonam, one of the daughters, has three sons. The youngest, Ugyen, is one-and-a-half and uses his new-found walking skills to run around the house and warm your heart.

Yethro Lham, Sonam's sister, recently finished school and loves to sing while she does work around the home.