Kunzangdra Monastery

A stiff hour-long climb through moss-draped forest from the bottom of the Tang Valley, Kunzangdra Monastery's stone-built chapels cling tightly to a sheer rockface with open views of the forested valley far below. There are plans afoot to build an access road, but for now the only way to reach Kunzangdra is on foot. The hoarse cries of ravens roosting in the chapels' eaves float on the wind.

Kunzangdra Goempa is closely linked to Bhutan's renowned terton or treasure-finder, Pema Lingpa. The construction of Kunzangdra's four stone chapels was started by the terton in 1488, and they hold several of his most important relics. Nearby is a meditation cave used by his son from which flows a holy spring thought to cure epilepsy.