Art Cafe

The Art Cafe is a sunny, airy bakery with lots of customer seating just a minute's walk from the main traffic circle. It's located next to Swiss Bakery, the venerable capital city icon that's seen better days. Leafy vines surround the outdoor brick-floored sitting area in front, and a huge overhead picture of Bhutan's king and queen identifies the entrance.

The cafe sells pies and cakes by the slice or whole, other sweet baked goods, sandwiches (egg, chicken, and tuna), burgers, coffee, juices, and a wide selection of Golden Tips brand teas. The indoor customer seating area has brick and cement walls painted dzong white, large wall-length windows (a couple with screens to allow breezes in and keep flies out), wood and glass-topped tables, and a wood-burning bukhari stove for winter comfort.

Designed with an eye to foreign tastes — faux vintage metal signs in English announce “Coffee! You can sleep when you're dead!” and “Today's menu: Take it or leave it!” — the cafe is a good place for hanging out or meeting up. But note: the wifi is slow to nonexistent. Open 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, closed Sundays.