Homemade Dinner with Conservationist Dr. Karma Tshering & Family

Driving up and away from Yangchenphug Higher Secondary School takes you further up a blue pine hill, allowing for the perfect night view of Thimphu City to unfold right in front of you. Dr. Karma Tshering’s beautiful residence greets you even before you are done with appreciating the vista, a home that is so well taken care of and an ambience that immediately envelopes anyone into its warmth.

Dr. Karma Tshering is Bhutan's conservationist pioneer who has had an array of interesting and enriching experiences throughout his sparkling career of 20 plus years working for the conservation sector for the government of Bhutan under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forests. He also has worked for national parks in the United States and Africa, serves as an evaluator/judge for the National Geographic unique lodges program and legacy awards, and is the founder of the nonprofit Bhutan Sustainable Tourism Society.

An evening at Dr. Karma’s residence with homemade dinner prepared very lovingly by his family and his absolutely enriching talk is nothing short of an experience of a lifetime. A perfect excuse to savor typical home prepared Bhutanese dishes and stock up on knowledge about Bhutan’s progressive development and success in the conservation of its natural wealth.