Momo House

If you find yourself hankering for Himalayan dishes with a Tibetan slant while in Thimphu, head over to Momo House. This little tucked-away treasure attracts a regular cast of locals who come for their specialty “ting” momos — steamed dumplings stuffed with beef chili (shapta) or potato and cheese sauce (kewa datshi). They churn out fresh ting momos all day long and never run out.

Their other Tibetan savories include fried bread filled with beef and cabbage (shabalay) and beef or vegetable noodle soup (thukpa). Standard beef or cheese momos are on the menu as well, as are old reliables like fried rice and chowmein in beef, chicken, and vegetable varieties.

The ambiance is pure neighborhood momo joint. Your waitress hands you a pen and Post-it pad to write down your order from the menu, which is written in chalk on a blackboard and never changes. Seating is long wooden cushioned benches, pictures of the Dalai Lama and the young King and Queen are hung high on the walls. Find it at the end of the alleyway just north of six-story Thimphu Plaza on Stadium Road. Open 9am to 9pm, closed Sundays.