National Folk Heritage Museum

The Folk Heritage Museum, located on the outskirts of Thimphu, recreates a traditional Bhutanese family home inside a beautiful 19th century rammed earth and timber building. Set among terraces planted with wheat and millet, surrounded by fruit trees, the museum offers a fascinating insight into how rural Bhutanese families have lived for hundreds of years.

Steep staircases creak as one climbs up through the house, from dimly lit lower floors that would have sheltered newborn calves and goats, through storerooms stacked high with winter provisions, to the airy living quarters above. Here, the family's prized possessions are on display: shiny wooden bowls line the kitchen shelves, richly patterned fabrics hang alongside aged leopard fur bags in the room next door, and gold glints from thangkas hung in the family's altar room.

Also on the property is the Folk Heritage Restaurant, which offers delicious traditional meals to nourish curious museumgoers with the true tastes of Bhutan. Combining a visit to the museum with a trip to this lovely eatery makes for a pleasant, relaxing afternoon.