Peace Restaurant

Here, enjoy some of Thimphu's best ting momos and beef momos — which, along with an ema-fired beef phin curry and ema datsi, are the only menu items. With no sign, and just six plastic stools, the restaurant is known informally as "Acho La" (Big Brother) or "Tibetan Uncle,” honoring its affable owner, Wangyel. He shares that the secret name for the eatery is Peace. Even its location mystifies on-the-go lunchers, cozied behind a concrete mall and an iron gate.

Acho La hails from Tibet, the original home of the momo. As a child he learned the values of fresh ingredients and balancing yeast for a soft, tasty dough. A delicate dumpling encases seasoned beef, served with customary momo broth — add salt, tingay, and ezay to taste. Dip a pillowy ting momo in tasty beef phin curry cooked Tibetan-style with Bhutanese gusto… delicious! But get there by 3 p.m., as Acho La always sells out.

Acho La’s shop is located by the Druk Shopping Complex at the end of the sidewalk path next to the Old Picture Hall.

Recommendations: Ask for the chicken or pork curries, only cooked on select days.

Locals: If you’re craving Uncle’s ting momo in the evening, his nephew steals some for his restaurant, Kencho Wangdi, nearby on the main street.