Wangchen Momo Corner

If you are ever in Thimphu's Centenary Farmer’s Market and if the various fragrances that surround the market suddenly give way to a peculiar aroma wafting through the air that seems to pull on your hunger strings, don’t be alarmed. It is probably the hot plates of dumplings being served at Wangchen Momo Corner.

Arguably the best dumplings in town, Wangchen Momo Corner is tucked away in the perfect corner of the market; a place that is usually packed with shoppers taking a breather and relishing on the tasty treats that are on offer or simply available for take away.

Owned by Mr. Wangchen and his charming wife, the couple takes utmost care to personally oversee the creation of every dish and every customer served. A must visit for the tastiest dumplings served with the biggest smile.