Yeedzin Guest House

A quaint little resting abode tucked away right in the heart of a bustling modern day city - welcome to Yeedzin Guest House.

Over 20 odd years of selfless service and proud host to countless guests from every corner of the world, Yeedzin Guest House still upholds the preservation of traditional elements while keeping up with modern updates at the same time.

Just a few minutes walk away from important establishments and attractions of the capital city, this guest house is perfect for guests seeking simple, yet high quality accommodation.

Very friendly staff who are all well experienced and a surprisingly peaceful ambience makes you forget that you
are just there as a guest for a few days.

The guest house is and has always been a family run venture, a family that makes sure every guest is attended to personally and taken care of like a family member, the reason why anyone who walks in as a guest walks out as a new member of the Yeedzin family.