Sherubtse College

Sherubtse College resides about 45 minutes’ drive up the hill from Trashigang town. The name Sherubtse means, “peak of knowledge,” a fitting name for a university overlooking seemingly all of Eastern Bhutan.

Sherubtse’s campus buzzes with the life of nearly one thousand students attending classes here and living in onsite dormitories. School buildings, old and new in a variety of styles, surround a massive clock tower; this array gives the campus a rather out-of-place appearance within the traditional village of Kanglung.

The Third King of Bhutan established the institution in 1968, at that time as a high school. A Jesuit priest, Father MacKey, filled the first principal position. In 1976 Sherubtse was transformed into a junior college and slowly the school expanded with increasing numbers of students in a broader range of academic programs.

The Canadian author, Jamie Zeppa, journals her life as a teacher at the college in the late 1980’s in her classic book “Beyond the Sky and the Earth.”