Tamang Dance

Everyone else in the world has their very own ways of celebrating the New Year. Likewise, Tamangs, a Nepali community living in Tsirang, Bhutan also has their own traditional way of celebrating it. Tamang Selo is a dance that is performed to a specific rhythmic sound of Damphu (tambourine) welcoming the new year with grace and celebration. Tamang dance is locally known as the “Damphu dance”. This tradition is unique only to the Tamangs living in Tsirang, Bhutan.

The dance is performed by a group of Tamang men using small hand drums made out of bamboo and goatskin. Initially, they sit and do a ritual and eventually the ritual turns into a pleasant balletic dance. Unfortunately, there are only five to six men who can perform this dance and this dying culture is celebrated mostly by the elder village members.