Naktshang Farm House

Shingkhar is a quaint alpine landscaped valley in Ura, Bumthang where traditional houses demarcated with the unique firewood walls are clustered around the community temple. Naktsang Farm House is placed right here in this dreamlike village, towering above the rest and standing out due to its sheer size as compared to the other houses.

Considered as the house of a noble religious family with ancestry that can be traced back to the renowned Saint Longchenpa, the farmhouse is very spacious and well maintained with clean and cozy bedrooms. The guests are well taken care of and well fed by the host women; all under the detailed supervision of the friendly proprietor Apa Samdrup.

Shingkhar valley offers some of the nicest hiking routes including hikes to Sinmela pass, Shamsur and Ura village and is situated in close proximity of some very holy sites.