Risum Restaurant

Risum Restaurant is the dining facility of Risum Resort, a 3-star hotel with 26 rooms in the remote and little-visited Haa Valley of far western Bhutan. The restaurant serves spicy, traditional Bhutanese food in mostly buffet style with the expected rice, vegetable, and curry dishes — all of it decent, nourishing, warm, and plentiful. Indian and Chinese dishes are offered as well.

Its homey vibe and good cheer is closer to a homestay than a hotel experience. The chef fields personal dietary requests, and if you haul back asparagus or other local produce from your day's excursion in the valley, the chef gamely includes it in dishes for your group. Risum walks the walk of sustainable tourism by using local produce in support of local farmers, whether brought by guests or not. A bar is part of the restaurant and stocks a variety of Bhutanese beers and whiskeys. Service is attentive and friendly, and the facility is wifi enabled.

The restaurant is just a 10-minute drive north of Haa town and many of the area's attractions are walking distance or short drives away, including the local village temple Wangsa Lhakhang and the famous white and black temples, Lhakhang Karpo and Lhakhang Nagpo. For those who tune into its resonance, Haa's aura is unique and beguiling — and only intensifies the further north you go toward its border with Tibet.