Why travel with MyBhutan?

What makes us different?

Our pricing module is 100% transparent, meaning that our trips are always at the government mandated minimum daily rate - no added premiums or hidden fees. Because you shouldn’t pay more for the same service.

All travelers must pay the government mandated minimum daily rate. The minimum rate ensures Bhutan’s policy of “high value, low impact tourism;” Bhutan is committed to preserving its culture and pristine environment. The rate includes a government mandated royalty (which goes towards health care, education and other welfare programs for Bhutanese), 3-star accommodations, meals, guides, and in-country transportation.

For a standard-level trip during peak season, international agencies charge an average of $635 per day; we charge $250 per day.

When adding items to your itinerary that require an additional fee, local agencies almost always add excessive premiums for arranging the request - these hidden fees are added by the local agencies when they purchase your airline ticket to Bhutan, upgrade to luxury hotels, and add activities like hot stone baths, water rafting, fishing, horseback riding, biking, etc. MyBhutan works directly with the provider for each specific service type across all districts, to assure that you are only paying for your added service and nothing else.

Tourism is not just a cultural exchange to us, but a way of creating a sustainable positive social impact.

With no extra charge to you, every trip bought is a donation to the Bhutanese nonprofit, The Tarayana Foundation. A portion of all our profits goes to supporting their efforts in helping to empower rural communities in Bhutan.

Our team has traveled from Bhutan’s busiest cities to its most remote villages to collect more content on local businesses than any other party. We aim to support these locals because we believe in community based tourism.

We host local businesses on our portal, free of charge. A trip booked through us is a show of support for sustainable cross-industry growth.

We are committed to the preservation of Bhutan’s environment and have integrated that belief into our trips. Any trip can be altered to cut down on its environmental impact.

What do we provide?

Booking that is personalized

With photos, videos, stories and third-party reviews of each attraction, accommodation, restaurant, guide and agency, planning your vacation has never been so easy and personal.

If you prefer to have everything pre-planned, we offer itineraries that feature specials only available with us, created with every traveler in mind. Yogis, history buffs, trekkers -- you name it, we’ve got it -- and if we don’t, suggest it and we’ll create it.

We have explored reaches of Bhutan that many people have never heard of (even some Bhutanese). Because our team comprises of both internationals and locals, our shared perspective enables us to provide travelers with personalized and unique experiences.

Booking that is finally easy

Our travel portal provides a faster booking process because of an intricate management system that turns Bhutan’s numerous manual administrative processes into one seamless automated click. This reduces transaction processing time from 2-3 weeks to 1-5 days.

An easy to navigate dashboard that is all your own.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB and Diner’s Club from any country.

Outstanding service

We are a trained team of Bhutan experts available 24/7 in Bhutan and the US. We created MyBhutan because we believe in a trip well-planned and well-executed. Seriously, call, email, carrier pigeon us -- anytime, anywhere.

Your payment information is never at risk. Our payment processing providers adhere to the most strict security standards in the industry, including Level 1 PCI DSS Compliance.

In true Bhutanese spirit, we welcome each traveler to our home with a smile and a Kuzuzangpo La! We love our tiny Himalayan corner and are excited to share it with you, as our guest.

Finally... Welcome to Bhutan.